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Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at workplaces has paramount importance. Coronavirus has reshaped how businesses view the cleaning profession. Getting workplace cleaned by a professional cleaning service plays a huge role in the success of any organization fighting coronavirus. The clean and orderly workplace is synonymous with professionalism and success. When companies fail to provide a clean and healthy workplace for their employees, their commitment suffers, affect their performance and results in overall declined productivity as both their physical and mental health are at stake. If you’re unsure of the best cleaning method for a floor in your business, consider hiring Howard cleaning services. That is why it is important to hire a commercial cleaning service for regular cleaning of workplaces and we provide the best cleaning services in town.

Man Cleaning - Post Construction Cleaning Services Jacksonville by Howard cleaning services, LLC

Services we provide

  • Maintenance
  • Sanitation and disinfection of bathrooms, showers and Coronavirus
  • Carpet/rug cleaning
  • Trash disposal
  • Cleaning of the vents
  • Event preparations
  • Cleaning venues after an event
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Pressure wash (showers, parking areas, patios)
  • Cleaning Break rooms
  • Maintaining, sweeping, stripping and buffing floors
  • Dusting
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Commercial tile cleaning
  • Green Cleaning
  • Cost-effective
  • Howard cleans all the year-round
  • We can set a plan for you
  • Safety

Service Area

Howard Commercial floor cleaners believe in maintaining high standards of integrity for ourselves and our customers. Our team of qualified professionals undergoes specialized training sessions. We stay committed to our work and upon every visit we work with the same enthusiasm. We offer custom cleaning plans as no two floors are the same and have different cleaning needs. Our cleaning plans are based on the size of the floor and what type of floor it is, the nature of work done there and the number of employees. For example, a hospital needs professional cleaning more often than a marketing firm because of foot traffic. We offer you the best suitable plans according to your needs and budget. We always try to exceed the customers’ expectations.

If you decide to go with us we assure you that you will never have to look for another cleaning service. We understand that your time is precious and once you tell us about your cleaning needs we’ll take it from there. You don’t have to explain all the processes every time you need professional cleaning. Always choose a cleaning service that has a good reputation and covers more than one area. Howard Cleaning Services, LLC provide their immaculate Cleaning services in

  • Jacksonville
  • Orange Park
  • Middleburg
  • Lakeside
  • St Johns
  • Ponte Vedra
  • Nocatee and
  • St Augustine

With a commercial cleaning service operating on such a large scale, you can easily run a background check on and we are licensed and insured so you can have complete trust in us and feel comfortable handing your property over to us for cleaning services.

Why regular window cleaning service is important:

The earth is our home and we live constantly under the threat of destruction by factors that we have caused due to our own negligence. We care about your safety and health and leaving a better planet for future generations and that is why we never use bleach. All of our products are safe and fulfill all the standards of green cleaning.

Glass windows are porous and like every material, exposure to natural elements like rain, snow, and dust, adversely affects the strength of your window glass. Regular cleaning can help increase the span and durability of your windows and can save you from any costly damages. Clean and shining windows give an alluring look to your houses and office building.

Window cleaning is an important part of commercial cleaning services. Large windows in commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, restaurants, libraries, and schools cannot be cleaned by a regular janitor. You need professional equipment and special training to clean windows of commercial buildings. We provide window cleaning services for one, and two-story buildings, but no skyscrapers. Howard Cleaning Services, LLC provides Window Cleaning Services in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, Jacksonville, Florida, and Orange Park.

Trained and professional staff:

Our staff is professional and is equipped with all the tools needed to give that professional scrubbing to your windows and make them sparkling clean. Our team is trained to clean all types of windows on the first and second levels of your home because they are hard to reach. Services include double-hung windows, fixed pane windows, and specialty windows.

Commercial window cleaning is one of the most dangerous jobs and it is definitely not for the faint of heart, due to severity and danger associated with it most cleaning companies charge a significant amount to get your windows cleaned commercially in Jacksonville. Commercial window cleaning is one of the most detailed jobs we provide. Homes in the Jacksonville area seek out Howard because of its reputation and services. We believe in giving a fair estimate and charging an optimum fee from our customers. Our packages range from $60 to $700 depending on the number and size of your windows.

We provide window cleaning services throughout the year in Jacksonville and Orange Park because the weather is favorable in the Northeast Florida area. Our staff is physically fit and knows all the required techniques to take responsibility for such a crucial job.

In addition to all this, we are motivated, organized, trustworthy and friendly. We believe in maintaining an amiable environment for our customers so you can convey what you need easily.

If you need your windows to be cleaned regularly, we can set quarterly, Bi-annual or annual plans for you. So you don’t have to give instructions every time you need your windows cleaned.

We follow all the safety protocols and maintain high standards of professionalism because safety is on top.

So if you want to get high-quality window cleaning services for your office just give us a call (904) 552-4070 or visit our office at Florida, United States.

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