You ever wonder why businesses need cleaning services?

The number one reason is the work is tedious, and they honestly do not have the time, or resources to assign people to do it. Secondly, a professional should always be hired to evaluate and detail what scope of work needs to be completed, and thirdly, commercial cleaners can work at your location during the day or at night.

Commercial cleaning Revolves around small and large businesses in need of janitorial Services to clean bathrooms, offices, hallways, dust, scrub, and wax Floors, window cleaning, corona virus sanitation, and more. What does a basic scope of work look like?

  1. Sweep, vacuum, mop
  2. Dust and wipe down walls, baseboards, doors, surfaces, fixtures, vents etc.
  3. Detail clean all offices
  4. Clean interior glass surfaces
  5. Clean toilets, walls, floors, sinks
  6. Wipe down partitions
  7. Remove all trash
  8. Clean janitors’ office
  9. Sanitize bathrooms
  10. Stainless steel required areas
  11. Clean microwaves
  12. Machine misting for Corona virus (covid-19)

Leave it to the experts at Benin Cleaning services, 7 days a week operation that provides all services Listed above. We clean your business inch by inch, so you don’t have too. Since our inception two years ago, we earned many business contracts that we hold today because of our thorough, meticulous attention to detail as we go about our daily business. 

Everything in your place of business has our attention 100%. We use pet and human Friendly products to ensure no one has an allergic reaction to our products. We make it happen, so you don’t have too. In our future BLOGS we go into detail for each area listed above to give our followers additional insight into what we do for each service and how each process is completed.

Call us today at 904-552-4070 or visit and request a free quote.


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